Trust Your Local - Supporting the Local Business Community

We need to keep our local businesses and events going and even more so in the current Covid climate. If local employment flourishes, it keeps us all in work. Here in Shropshire, people tend to know  our local trades people, local businesses and venues either directly or indirectly. Generally, we have no problem recommending people and businesses because we trust each other and are able to work together. Trust Your Local (TYL) is all about connecting local people and businesses in order to  support each other and develop new ideas.

I hope you will see from our exciting new website that we are already attracting interest from a wide array of local firms and locations.  We need all your support in order that more people and customers can use our services and grow support

Here at TYL,we are also aware of the disadvantages facing our young people as they leave full time education at this time. We are therefore looking to partner with schools, colleges, universities and local businesses to offer support and encourage employment opportunities.

In addition, we are also doing our bit for the environment by keeping our carbon footprint low. This entire site was built and run locally, using Green Energy to power our servers…we truly believe that by working together, we can make a difference.

If you are interested in running a TYL area you can find out more and complete an application form by following this link.

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