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The High Sheriff sounds like a character from history and, indeed, the office dates back 1,000 years. However, Tony aims to show that the role is every bit as relevant in the 21st century as it was in the 10th.

In fact, Tony’s goals for his 12 months of service suggest that the role of High Sheriff, amid the drastic fallout from the Covid pandemic, has never been more important.

He explains: “My theme is to champion Shropshire within the county and further afield. I am acutely aware that 2020/21 has been terrible for many in the county. The pandemic has clearly had an enormous effect on us all in the county. Some to their health, whether physical or mental, or others financial.

“My aim is to encourage, influence and publicize the efforts of many facets of Shropshire, from the NHS and individual people to businesses and charities. 

edward marvin

Edward Marvin

parish Councillor

Edward is the local parish Councillor for Dorrington. He has been a driver behind Trust Your Local since its inception.

As the Chair of Condover Parish Council, I have been much involved in the development of support for local businesses. An early success was the decision to hold business breakfast meetings with bacon rolls and coffee at Dorrington Village hall. Subsequently, the Dorrington Business Network has led to a number of initiatives and ideas for supporting and advising local businesses. 

We have been fortunate to enjoy the support of the Parish Council and also our local Shropshire Council councillor, Councillor Dan Morris. With their support we now consider Business Support in our agenda and in our Neighbourhood Plan. 

It is vital that we continue to offer backing as we emerge from the Pandemic and as new businesses start up. Trust Your Local and other local groups provide exciting new ways of interacting and communicating amongst ourselves as well as developing business and supporting each other.”

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