Most frequent questions and answers

For a business listing it is either £24.99 per month, or £224.91 per year (that’s 3 months free.)

No, you can stop listing at any time without penalty.

We operate in several areas. Each area is limited to a single post code where possible, but it depends on the population spread. This ensures that only local businesses benefit from the system.

You can see our current area map here.

Although we operate in single post code areas, if your business is just outside and it makes sense to add you into a particular TYL, then that is what we will do.

You can always contact us if you have any doubts about which area to list in.

We are very keen to not only support the local economy but also to promote those businesses who are, or are becoming, more environmentally friendly. To this end we have a special category for ‘sustainable businesses‘ category which you can apply for. All we need is proof of your environmentally friendly credentials.

You can upload 1 image on a free listing, or 6 for paid listings.

Yes is the simple answer. In reality your business needs to have a YouTube channel so that any videos seen on TYL are streamed via the share link.

Yes. However, free event listings are limited to 1 image. A paid event listing offers up to 6 images or 4 shared YT videos.

If it is a free event listing then it will be visible for 7 days. If it is a paid event listing, it is visible until the event end date.

If you are interested in running a TYL area please visit this link for more information. We will add a link to the site for those who are interested as soon as the licensing model is launched.

Apply for a TYL Licence before it's too late!