Running your Own TYL

Who is this suitable for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Local Business Owners
  • Business Managers
  • Students

Whatever your background, are you ready to build your own successful business with us?

Are you looking for a new challenge? Are you looking to help your local business community? Are you looking for a passive income? Are you looking to be your own boss?

At TYL we can help you turn that dream into a reality.

Building a successful business is not easy. It takes time, effort, persistence, and self-belief. Fortunately, you won’t be on your own. We will help you by equipping you with the skills, & confidence to build a successful business, together with the technology required to start generating profit!

By following our tried, tested, and proven methods, you should soon be enjoying the benefits of referrals from your highly satisfied customers. As your business continues to flourish, we will be working with you every day, not just to keep the customers flowing but to help you take it to the next level.

As the owner of a TYL licence you get to decide how quickly your business grows. We are here to make sure the business matches your ambitions and expectations.

Our rationale

Trust Your Local – Supporting the Local Business Community.

More than ever, following the pandemic, the public want to shop local, doing their bit in supporting their local business economy and their community as a whole.

If local employment flourishes, it keeps us all in work.

It is true that in most communities, people tend to know our local trades people, local businesses, and venues either directly or indirectly.

Generally, we have no problem recommending people and businesses because we trust each other and can work together.

Trust Your Local (TYL) is all about connecting local people and businesses to support each other and develop new ideas.

As you can see that we are already attracting interest from a wide array of local firms, and events throughout the UK.

TYL needs all of your support in order that more people and customers can use our services and grow support for local businesses.

Here at TYL, we are also aware of the huge disadvantages facing our young people as they leave full time education. We are therefore looking to partner with schools, colleges, universities, and local businesses to offer support and encourage employment opportunities.

In addition, we are also doing our bit for the environment by keeping our carbon footprint low. This entire site was built and run locally, using Green Energy to power our servers…we truly believe that by working together, we can make a difference.

We are now looking for new licenced business partners to occupy our remaining available localities across the UK. To keep it focused on ‘local’, each licence encompasses approximately a 10-mile radius.

As a licensee you will be fully trained in all aspects of running the website including adding new businesses and events.

As well as the hands-on side of the business, we will also guide you towards becoming an expert in customer service, business management, marketing and all other essential tools required to launch and run your business.

Your role is to provide great customer service, whilst we take care of the tech side.
The start-up package cost £795.00 and includes: –

  • Your own exclusive geographic territory
  • Local domain (
  • Fully functioning website
  • Personalised email
  • Weekly site backups
  • Face to face training
  • Technical support
  • 100 window stickers
  • 2 magnetic car signs
  • 4 PVC roadside banners
  • 500 business cards
  • 5000 leaflets

Products, Services

  • Business listings
  • Event listings
  • Annual payment plan
  • Monthly payment plan

Earning potential

Your profitability, as with all businesses, depends upon the amount of effort you expend in growing your business.
As a very quick example…. 200 local businesses and 20 paid events equates to £5198 recurring monthly income. (This of course does not include any income from local events!)
We believe at just £24.99 a month; local businesses will be happy to take advantage of our professional platform to promote their business.

NOTE: our start up fees cover one post code area only. You are welcome to run more areas but they will be totally separate entities attracting another set of fees but also more potential income.

Competitor Price Comparison

  • Shropshire live advert £50 + vat per week
  • Check-a-trade £69 – £119 + vat per month
  • Trust a trader £75 + vat per month
  • TYL £24.99 per month

Licence Costs

  • Month 1 – 3 FREE
  • Month 3 – 6 £250 per month 
  • Month 6 – 12 £500 per month
  • Month 12 – 24 £1000 per month
  • 24 months onwards £2000 per month

Before you make the decision to join the Trust Your Local licence network, we will run through some detailed financial projections and ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the financial aspects of the business, as well as the practical and operational sides.

At this stage we will be able to provide you with guidance on approaching funding partners and give you an honest appraisal of the extent to which you could develop your business, based on your own needs, aspirations, and ambitions.

Next Steps

We understand you will have lots of questions, thoughts, and considerations – and we will be more than happy to go through them all with you in person very soon. Your first steps should be to complete the short form to the right of this information.

If we think you will be a good addition to the TYL family, a warm welcome is extended for you to come and visit us at our main office near Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Here, you will find out everything you need to know about us, the business, and the exciting journey it can take you on in the future! We will give you the low down on everything TYL – and at the same time see if you are the ideal fit for us and our wider team across the UK!

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